Why I’m a proud UC-METC student

Hello world! I would like to introduce myself first . By the way I’am Cadet Hiral Jayvee and my course is Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation(BSMT) and I studied at UC-METC. Which is built in Alumnos,Mambaling. And I’m proud of my school because it is so nice and enjoyable .

Ma’am Aban said that girl’s are not belong on this course. But if that’s your choice so be it. And I warn you the life of being Seaman is so hard your life is so dangerous so you must take care of yourselves and just always pray to God that theres nothing happen and mustly take care of our health.

My Auntie and my mama don’t like my course but in the end finally they accept my opinion. And once again I’m proud being a student of UC-METC that’s all thank you and godbless us all. 🙂


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