Why Binay will be my Philippine President in 2016

Please take pause and consider that we will be electing someone to the highest position in the land. This person will not only be managing the affairs of the nation both, domestic and international, but will play a role in determining our place in the global community as we move further on in the 21st century.

Given the limited space, I will only mention three qualities. There are more, but l believe these basic qualities are needed in a president of the Philippines.
In a candidate, I am looking for someone who has traditionally exhibited determination and perseverance.

These qualities are important in a leader.  Of the four presidential candidates–Vice-President Jejomar Binay, Senator Grace Poe, Secretary Mar Roxas, and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte–nobody has illustrated these qualities better than Binay.
In Philippine society, it is considered a huge advantage to belong to a prominent family or to have a prominent name or, even better, both. This is evident in all facets of our society, not only in politics, but also in business and entertainment. If one does not have a prominent name or a wealthy family, one needs to work doubly harder than those who do to get ahead.

Before Jejomar, the Binay name was not prominent in politics. Binay was born into poverty. He was orphaned at the age of nine. When his parents died, he lived with his uncle. In his formative years, he went through the public school system. First in Philippine Normal College for elementary, then the University of the Philippines Preparatory High School, the University of the Philippines, and then he decided to take up law and went to UP Law. He worked while studying during those years. Today he is known for his achievements rather than being the son or descendant of so and so.
Binay still continued to work for the people when he became mayor of Makati,and then chairman of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority in 1998.
There is a certain distance in all his positions from the people he served.There is a wall between him and those he served. The mere fact that he is trying too hard to foster an image of being with the masa through his ads and gimmicks says something. I do not believe the ads and his gimmicks, and I think most of the people also don’t.

Last year,Binay was put to the test worse than just insults. This was when he was accused of graft and corruption. The scandal was widely reported both in traditional media and social media. The Senate blue ribbon committee held hearings to look into this accusation.

And he faced the problem head on.Unlike some people, he did not blame anyone for his problems. These are just some of the basic qualifications I look for in a leader. So far Binay has set himself apart from the rest as the election campaign progresses, I look forward to find out what each candidates policies are and hear what their plans are for the Philippines and its role in the global community in the 21st century.

But for now, I find Binay as the best qualified among the presidential Candidates.Binay is a caring and enjoyable person even people saying that hes useless he keep smiling.Binay is the best for me 🙂 Nognog,pandak,laki sa hirap Im also like that and so? God give me to be me not to be fake.


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