My English 2 Experience

   In college you should have to improve youre learning especially in writing. yes!writing is important also in college there so many thing’s to do. For me, college is easy, fun, and crazy sometimes. But when class begins, it is so hard for me to understand what the teacher has discussed. Knowing that it’s for my own good, I keep telling my self that I can do this and I will soon learn the lessons that he will discuss. The important thing is that you did your best, even though it’s kind of difficult. Just enjoy the life of being a college student because time is short. So just accept the fact that it’s time to change and focus on the next part of your journeyn
  When you do your best in English, the teacher appreciate the things that you’ve done. Most of the English teachers need to teach his/her students how to write prperply and correctly. Students should follow what the teacher instructed and should do their parts as a student. The hardest and most tiring thing is to make the project in this subject truely. Life should getting strong in this situation but dont give up for all the instructor what he/she givez. Just trust yourself and never surrender in all the problems beause all of the students encounter the same challenges. Yuhhh! This is the first time Ive ever did making project like a poem, story of life, experience and should post in wordpress. Atleast I learned a lot about making wordpress in this subject even its hard but we try.
   We student should follow the instructions of the teacher so you have a high grades. Dont be absent in class and should do all of the followings. Beacuse we all know that the teacher is smarter and knowledgeable than us. English 2 is a writing skills should learn how to make a poem or something like that. Our teacher in English 2 is Mr. Antonio the one that teaches us how to make a website. They say that he is a terror, strict, monster but it’s not true . They can say that to Mr. Antonio because they never follow all the instructions that he gave that’s why they say that he’s a terror.
   Why you should have to enjoy us? With Mr. Antonio in his class when start he make as laugh so that students will never get bored. Most I like of Mr. Antonio is when we don’t have a class on friday . Why I like ? Because on his time we only do is sleeping in the room . Thats what I like cause he give us a time to sleep or give some rest.
I was enjoying making projects with friends. So that all of my projects will be finish. Without them I can never pass my projects . Because god has always at my side thats why all of my problems is just nothing for me life is fall of problems of course you have to find a solution from youre problems . Most of all accept what gods give to us . And Im thankful for my friends, parents and also God .


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