My Sinulog Experience

Saturday evening me, my cousins and also my auntie are going to church at sto.niño church . It was a wonderful night because there’s so many fireworks in the sky after the mass end.This year was so memorable to me.I will never forget this year. “VIVA SENYOR SÑR STO NIÑO”VIVA PIT SENYOR.

We dance also and we sing like “pit senyor kay mama kini” and we shout “pit senyor”Everyone are so happy and enjoy.
Sto.niño is our savior .Before the prosission we take a selfie at the middle of the street.we are so happy from that time. It was so wonderful that day.

Even  we are so tired  of walking we still enjoy the prosission.We also thank god that he is always protecting us from bad evil.At fuente the deboto of Sto.niño there are so many people who join from the prosission.people taking pictures also but others are praying to god .

I wish my family have a goodtime to rest our life from happiness.we have a good memorable at COLON .we walk through the sto.niño church.It was so hot that time seriously .My skin was getting burn like you burn a paper and turn to ashes.

Sunday at 3:30 Im prepairing to go to UC-MAIN for ROTC. Yes!!!! We are the one who will take charge for those people who will easily go to the artist.But that was wrong . They cant go through because theres a pulis in my side .

This is the first time i saw an artist like COCO MARTIN,BELA PADILLA, HASHTAG, GABBY CONCEPCION, MELAI,JAYSON,KAYE ABAD,RICHARD GUTTIEREZ ,BEA ALONZO,MAJA SALVADOR, POOH.And many many more artist I saw that time 😅😅.

I was shocked because Coco Martin my love said that”I LOVE YOU CEBU” and we respans ” I LOVE YOU TO COCO MARTIN” .Im so kilig from COCO martin I cant imagine that they was the first time I saw them.Coco martin waving to me and I also waving my hand also.

Bea Alonzo was so adorable ,pretty she is so perfect she has everything that man’s like .I like the personality of Bea Alonzo .shes a kind of a nice girl, and a loving from there fans.I like Bea Alonzo truely☺

Gabby Concepcion is like an 24 years old he’s not getting old like other’s.he is so handsome a pinkish face and a red lips and I taking a picture to him and I follow him to see him . There so many people shouting him in my back and while others are taking pictures also.

I always think and Imagine the face of COCO MARTIN even in my dreams he is still in my mind and in my heart .I will never forget the day that I fall inlove with COCO MARTIN.:):) Im gonna merry to Coco martin soon:roll:😚


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