All About This Blog

Hi I’am Jayvee Arrabis Hiral and Im studying at UC-METC .I live in Daanbantayan,Cebu. I’m 17 years old now .I like dancing but singing is my passion.My mother’s name is Helen,and My father’s name is Emmanuel .

My mother’s occupation is a teacher ,and my father’s occupation is a driver.Before I eat my meals,I always thank god.After I finish my chores,I take a rest .My brother stays on the living room and my sister stays on the rooftop when we are doing nothing.

In UC-METC I have a new friend a new teacher and also a new life in college. High school and college was so different because when your in high school the only you do is just to pass the project even if late.but in college you have to pass the project ASAP.

I miss my family seriously but I have to study first so that my fampily will be proud of me. And soon I want to help them when I have work .My parents is my life I love them very much I dont want to loss them ..

Now from making this blog was okay. Because of sir he teaches us to make a blog. At first I dont know how to post a blog but now i can open it and post it quickly. This cite is good to use you can post anytime or use it whatever you want.

From this blog people can search my post they can like my blog also. English 2 is a writing in the discipline.And now were  making a blog in a wordpress.I want to pass this subject very will.I dont want to dissapoint my parents for this course.

WordPress is something that you can put it. Or use it when you like to post you just be carefull of posting a bad word from the cite. Make sure you post a good and a very nice word that you post on it.


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